Sonntag, 9. August 2015

New name and new CosCards!

Hi guys (^o^)/*
Now we have news even it is a bit short.

As you can see we have a new team name. The reason is that we decided to start from the very beginning and the new name is also a symbol for this.
A Facebookpage with our works will will be online soon, but for now its still in progress.

The other new thing is our CosCard. As you can see we have here an example for the back side. The front and the final disgne? Well they are a little secret untill they are printed ~<3
But here we have a little appetizer from the back side.

Our currend works are from Saint Seiya - Soul of Gold  (what a surprise xD) the God Warrior Gullinbursti Frodi and Hilda-sama^^
"Wildschwein Strahl!!!!" Well this is the orginal attack from Gullinburst Frodi, as an German Cosplayer this is really funny because it´s means "wild boar beam (or ray)" and in french "sanglier jet" *rofl*
Kamyu & Anbu 

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